Monday, March 21, 2011

Enviro Waste Logistics

Enviro Waste Logistics is a family owned Launceston based business serving Launceston business and households for more than 15 years.
My wife Laura and Myself would like to introduce ourselves, we’re a hard working husband are wife team,
We pride our selves on giving prompt, dependable service and working hard to keep the Tasmanian dream alive.
Our services include collection of
:General household waste. An extra bin in the back yard is sure handy for times when the council bin isn’t big enough to cope.
:Green waste A bin is a great idea for your lawn clippings, weeds, and plant pruning s.
:Shop floor waste (from packaging, recycling to lunch room leftovers). Ask us how we can best suit you business needs.
:Kitchen food waste from the home kitchen to commercial catering we have a solution for you.
:Nursing home and retirement villages, we have a specialised, tailored service to suit your needs.
:Licensed medical waste and sharps transporter – from sharps canisters to wheelie bins for medical waste.
:Document shredding service taking care of your sensitive waste.
Waste and recycling collections can be arranged as needed from a daily to a monthly collection
We help you turn chaotic mess into order with no fuss
Bin sizes 240ltr /660ltr /1100ltr bins
We can also supply wool-bales for recycling cardboard and plastic.
Holding around 500ltrs in volume wool bales make a great cost effective alternative to the larger bins
We offer free delivery on all our bins and bales
Call us today for an obligation free quote 0408 174 133
Or Email